We are delighted that you are looking into growing in your faith through Sunday School! First United Methodist Church values life-long, continued learning that happens within Sunday School. Bible Study and wrestling with living our faith, while building relationship with other Christians is essential to our spiritual growth. We currently offer a multitude of Adult Sunday School classes, meeting on campus at 9:45 each Sunday (the first 15 minutes is a time of gathering and fellowship).

Below, you’ll find more information about each of our classes. 
Celebration of Life by Lou Martinelli – Sunday School
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College & Young Adults class • Sanctuary, Room 105

  • All college students and young adults are welcome to attend.

Contact is Brad Gunter bradgunter90@gmail.com

Connections • E&A 212


  • Couples—30’s and 40’s, parents of young children and preteens
  • Seeking to connect with God, spouses, children and each other

Cornerstone • E&A 316


  • Married Couples—30’s and 40’s
  • Bible study using roundtable discussion format
  • Monthly social activity involves the whole family

Contact James Patterson – james000777@bellsouth.net

Covenant • E&A 312


  • Married and single adults with children/no children
  • A committed group who believe the call to be a community of faith
  • Studies seek God’s Will for faith journeys and spiritual growth

Contact Dana Evans – dana.evans@lifecare-hospitals.com 

Co-Wed • Sanctuary 102


  • Adults mostly 60+
  • Contemporary and traditional lessons brought by a rotating group of teachers
  • Lectures, interaction, discussion, and sharing

Contact Ann Rhoads – annprhoads@aol.com

Crossroads • Hunter 103


  • Married and divorced adults
  • Study and discuss how to put scripture into practice in everyday life

Contact Amanda Hines – Amanda.hines@kenblanchard.com

Deaf Community Sunday School

Hunter 104

deaf logo

  • For Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Contact Evon Malray-Cain – memalray@gmail.com


Sanctuary 106


  • Friendly group of adults in their 60’s
  • Rotating teachers lead lessons based on Bible studies, current life issues and social concerns

Contact Tom & Louise Eason – leason@fumcshreveport.org

Faith, Fellowship & Friends

E&A 313


  • Couples dating and married in their 30’s
  • Seeking to grow in faith through scripture- based study
  • Building friendships in an open and inviting environment

Contact Molly & Patrick Vance – mollypat@comcast.net

Four Square Bible Class

Sanctuary 103



  • Married and single adults, 60+
  • Enjoy a serious study of the Bible
  • Weekly program includes singing God Bless America and/or favorite hymns
  • New members cherished

Contact Betty Dutton – 861-6245 or Harry Hobbs – hobbsport@bellsouth.net


E&A 315


  • Single and married adults, late 40’s-60s • Seeking to grow in relationship with God
  • through studying His word.
  • Bible study using DVD presentations, guest speakers, and discussion

Contact Rusty Palmer – rpalmer864@aol.com


Hunter 102


  • Married and single, parents of young children
  • Facilitator-led Bible study using roundtable discussion and study aids
  • Involvement with local missions
  • Promote fellowship through a variety of social events for girls, guys, and families

Contact Lindsay Lewis – llewis82@gmail.com


E&A 314


  • Single and married adults, 40’s and up
  • Bible study and related current religious topics are presented
  • Monthly class party or other activity

Contact Jennifer Owens – yarbroughltd@aol.com

New Beginnings


  • Women—50 and up
  • United Methodist Adult Bible Study Series taught by members
  • Enjoy fellowship through outreach projects and a monthly lunch

Contact Lucille Godwin – jgodwin733@aol.com


Sanctuary 107


  • Coed—adults 50’s and 60’s
  • Discuss theological and social issues for personal enrichment
  • Experts on topics of interest often teach the class

Contact Lounelle Black – wfcshv@bellsouth.net

The Seekers



  • Mature adults
  • A variety of teachers and topics incorporate Bible study in to everyday life
  • Sing familiar hymns

Contact Hoyt D. Bain – hoytcharlcie@aol.com

Pura Vida (Young Adults)

E&A  317

  • Singles and Couples, dating and married, in their 20’s
  • Seeking to grow in faith through scripture- based study
  • Building friendships in an open and inviting environment

Miles Thomas – miles42589@aol.com

Women of Faith

Dawson 312


  • Women, ages 30-60
  • Study the Bible
  • Psalm 51:10 “Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast Spirit within me!”

Contact Jody Thurmon – Jody Thurmon




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