The Columns – May 2016

Pig Roast Eggstravaganza!
Rain stopped and water began receding so FUMC families headed to the Rice Farm for a Pig Roast “Egg”stravaganza. The sun was gorgeous! No one had to wonder what was for lunch on Sunday, March 20th, because the Men’s Ministry provided pulled pork and hot dogs with all the trimmings – buns, potato salad, bar-b-que beans, pickles, and more. Children found hundreds of Easter eggs and all eight golden eggs during the gigantic Easter Egg Hunt. Olivia Zeagler made lots of children happy as she painted cute designs on their faces. The inflatables were a hit with all ages. And the pinatas – what a huge favorite! I hope there were scouts present from professional baseball teams, because in all areas, there were some hard hitters. Then once the candy fell to the ground, all you saw was a crowd of kiddos. One very precious moment was when children were wanting to share their candy and treasures with their friends. Way to go, parents! You are teaching your children to share in very special ways at special times. The Pig Roast “Egg”stravaganza was a wonderful family event that brought fellowship and fun, but it was also a great way to begin the Holy Week traditions of celebrating Jesus – His death and Resurrection.

Palm Sunday & Flowering of the Cross

Young at Heart GEMs
Fun was blooming at the Young at Heart GEMs Dinner and Dance in March. If smiles were an indication that our 96 guests enjoyed themselves, then I think they did. Dinner was yummy, games were fun, crafts were special, and the music was exciting. Thank you to our volunteers, nursery staff, and teens who made this night special. Plus, many thanks for the gift cards, persons who helped with decorating and to Ms. Velma and Ms. Diana for preparing the food.

Deaf Community
The month of March was a busy time for First United Methodist’s Deaf Community! In February, we began planning for our March 20th special service presented by Expressions of Emmanuel. This group is a Christian Deaf ministry that strives to bring the Word of God to the Deaf through ASL Video projects. A large group attended with many deaf visitors. Afterwards, the group enjoyed a meal and fellowship time. Our Deaf Community members attended an interpreted Maundy Thursday service and Good Friday service, ate lunch at a local restaurant, and then visited three deaf individuals in retirement homes. April 15th at 5:30 p.m. we will have a potluck “Picnic in the Park” at Betty Virginia Park. Then, on May 20th at 5:30 p.m., we will have our last fellowship meeting until August. Come and join the fun!

Costa Rica Family Mission Trip
Our mission trip to Costa Rica was an adventure I’ll never forget. Together our team shared some amazing experiences. We saw things covered in light, and things covered in darkness. Overall, I am definitely going to return for another trip.

Our mission was to make progress on a house that other teams had been building for a pastor in a community that is scattered right outside of a town named Tamarindo. We did not start working, because of difficulties, until Tuesday. Before that, all we could do was sit, listen, and observe. We observed the people, the town, and many other things. Through this, we saw the devastating circumstances of the people in this country – the barred up windows; the poverty; the fences covered with broken glass. But despite the pain the Costa Ricans may be in, they were always hospitable and forgiving. It was truly inspiring. I have learned many things from this country. With something as simple as a smile, the Costa Ricans have taught me so much. The fact that they have so little, yet they give amazing things – things you can’t learn in school, like patience, forgiveness, and gratitude.

This trip was a great opportunity for me to step out of my comfort zone and live the Word of God with my dad. I definitely will be back soon. By Preston Willis, son of Spence Willis, grandson of Fred Willis

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