The Columns – May 2016


It was a great honor for me to interview my friend and one of this year’s Steadfast Servants, Kay Ferguson. Not only is she deserving of this award, she is humble and I am proud to call her a friend!

Kay began attending First UMC in 2003 when she and her husband, Joe moved to Shreveport. Joe’s parents were long time members and they joined them in church. Kay remembers sitting in Faithlink one Sunday morning and just asking God what He wanted her to do. Initially, she was looking for a way to connect to the church and find her purpose. She was really trying to find her way to serve so she started saying yes to different areas in the church. Slowly, it began to evolve over time and one thing led to another.

First, she began serving with the prayer ministry and was the lay leader for the ministry. She helped with the Pray for the Cure event. She also served on the women’s ministry during that time. Kay has been a member of UMW for several years including being a circle leader and the UMW co-president in 2013-2014. Kay also served a term on the church council. Kay and her husband, Joe were greeters for a while, as well! They are also leaders in the LifeSpeak Sunday School class. Just when you think there’s not much more for her to do…she will surprise you!

Most recently, Kay is serving as the lay leader for the Global Missions team with Ashley Goad. She took her first mission trip to Haiti in 2013 and fell in love with global missions. She says her heart is global missions. She is inspired by the people she serves with because they become like a mission team family. She said you just get to know people on a deeper level when you are serving alongside someone. Kay also says that the people she meets in other countries inspire her. She says there are mothers who live in the poorest parts of the world, yet they are full of hope and joy. Their love of Jesus and their faith is incredible. Kay truly loves the relationship building aspect of global missions.

Kay also enjoys the travel to other countries. She never understood what “1 body of Christ” meant until she saw it in person in other parts of the world. She has been to Haiti three times, Ecuador two times, and El Salvador once. She likes getting to a new country and being fully immersed in the culture. It is not always the shiny, pretty, resort destinations you see on TV when you are serving.

Kay has been transformed and blessed by serving. She says she has always been a worrier and been pretty selfish (although I disagree). Gradually over the years, serving has helped her realize it’s not all about her. Serving others puts things into perspective about what is important and what’s not. It makes her realize that she doesn’t want “things,” but wants to do more with her life. She says other cultures are so content and it inspires her to live more simply. She also knows that she wouldn’t be able to attend these trips without the support and prayers of her husband, parents, and Joe’s mom, Linda. Not all of her family understands her travel to other countries, but they do support, help, and pray for her and she is so thankful for that.

Another reason she is a steadfast servant is because she knows it is her duty to serve others and has been called by God to serve. She wants to leave a legacy for her son, Joseph. She wants him to see their family serving others in hopes that he will carry it on in his life.

Kay has been married to Joe for 16 years and they have one son, Joseph who is five.

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