The Columns – May 2016


This was the second time I have gone to Costa Rica but I can honestly say it was the best. I started the week as a senior in high school, and ended as an electrician! That’s not something everyone can say. I have a deep love and appreciation for the Costa Rica Mission Projects team. They are the ones who get this work done, and without them, we wouldn’t have opportunities in Costa Rica we have today. We also had the pleasure of spending Easter in Costa Rica and attending a service in the community of Pavones. The service was entirely in Spanish with no translator, but we were still able to celebrate one of the greatest Christian traditions with our Costa Rican family. That day was an excellent start to our trip, but it was through the church we stayed at in Tamarindo that impacted me the most. They held a service for us on Tuesday night that included signs made by the children we had been playing soccer with the night before. After they showed us the signs, the children did an interpretive dance to a song in English to share their gratitude. When it was done, I had to first pick my jaw up off the floor, then we prayed for a great work week. That would end up being an understatement! I had the task of being the foreman’s assistant for the week, and I believe I was his greatest test of patience! Speaking about a “Dora the Explorer” level of Spanish to someone who speaks about a “Dora” level of English was quite the challenge. But, it worked – whether it was wiring the walls, finding a very specific screw, or searching for the blue wire that may or may not have actually existed! I liked that Hugo would drop everything he was doing to show someone how to do his job the correct way. I also enjoyed his fascination with the monkeys! Someone would ask him for work, and he would insist they go see the monkeys instead of doing whatever he would have assigned them. He was a great partner and very kind. He would wait for me to find the right thing, even if that meant he would have to sit on the beam under the hot metal roof for 30 minutes. I am grateful and blessed enough that I could do this, and my week was capped off by jumping off the same waterfall as Tom Brady! I think everyone should experience Costa Rica because of its positive influence on my own life and the others who went on this trip. It taught me that my problems are often miniscule and irrelevant compared to those of the people of Costa Rica, and around the world. I would like to thank Dr. Ashley Goad for making these trips happen and bringing positive change to all of our lives. This trip cannot be rivaled, and I hope others will be able to appreciate that. Pura Vida.

ASHLEY GOAD • Director of Global Missions • • @GlobalFUMCInstagram –

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