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As followers of Jesus, the Mission of the Christian Service Program is to serve those in need with food, clothing and other resources in an atmosphere of Dignity, Love and Hope”

In March of 1970, Father Murray Clayton brought Sister Margaret McCaffrey to Shreveport from San Antonio, Texas. She rented an apartment in “The Bottoms” behind First United Methodist Church and began feeding hungry children breakfast before they went to school. This was the beginning of Christian Service, one of the first ministries in Shreveport to address the needs of those who are less fortunate and living on the fringes of our community.

Today, Christian Service continues this mission. The Hospitality House serves an average of 200 meals a day, 364 days a year, in a building which used to be the Freeman and Harris Restaurant. It provides a hot breakfast from 9:30am to 10:30am and a supper from 2:00pm-4:00pm. These meals are free, served to anyone who is hungry. In 2015 over 68,000 meals were served!!! Christian Service has a clothing closet where 450 people a month come to choose free clothes. Also they provide emergency assistance paying the last $100 of utility bills and housing expenses (if a person qualifies).

In 2014 Hope Connections, a collaboration of non-profits housed in the old United Tile building on Levy Street, invited Christian Service to become the food and clothing piece of this organization whose goal is to end homelessness in our area. Hope Connections has given Christian Service a 10,000 square foot warehouse adjacent to their facility. Currently, Christian Service is fund raising to be able to renovate this building to move all of its services to the Levy Street facility. Christian Service is extremely excited about this opportunity to upgrade its facilities and serve even more clients in our community.

Christian Service’s goal is to continue its mission to uphold the dignity and restore the strength of their neighbors in need in Northwest Louisiana. They plan to meet their clients’ immediate needs of food and clothing so that they may achieve their higher goals of education, meaningful work, and contributing to the community.

First United Methodist Church has been extremely supportive of Christian Service through the past forty-six years. Those who have benefited from these services are very grateful. We hope that First United Methodist will continue to support this exciting adventure in our community.

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MICHELLE OSBORN • Director of Local Missions •

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