The Columns – May 2016


Rabbi Lewis Benstock told the story of a wealthy man who came to him desperate for help. The rabbi told him to have faith. “Have faith,” he said then got up and started to leave. The rabbi said, “You are going to help yourself. You have a great resource – faith.”

And then he told him a Chinese proverb. “Have you ever stopped to think how essential water is to life? Without water every living thing would die.” A panic stricken fish said, “I must find some water at once or I will be dead.” Where could he find water? The lake? River? The deepest place in the ocean? And so he asked an old wise fish, “Where can I find water?” “Water, why you are in it right now. You are in it in your own lake. And you’ve been in it since you were born.” The little fish swam back home, “I had water all the time and didn’t know it.”

So it is with faith. You don’t find faith; you have it by using the faith that you have. Your faith can lie unused. It can be covered up and not used. Why not begin to exercise your faith by utilizing it in a particular way?

In order to deepen your faith, go where it is. The Christian faith is more caught than it is taught. So go the church. Read the Bible. Associate with spiritual people, people who have a faith. You have to be careful about being around people of faith because it may rub off on you!

I would also suggest that if you want a stronger faith experiment with what you have learned. John Wesley once said, “If you want faith, preach faith until you get it.” You must act as if the whole gospel story were true. Never mind if you feel it is just too good to be true, never mind about your doubts, act as if you truly believe the words in the scriptures. Give thanks for the changes God is making in your life, even though you can’t see it happening. You might experiment with tithing or forgiving someone. The Christian faith begins the most exciting, amazing adventure and experiment in your life.

As you grow spiritually God’s love expands to your whole being. He then becomes your life. Martin Luther referred to this as the joyful exchange. Exchange your selfish egocentric self for one in which Jesus Christ is living his life in and through you.

If you want your faith to grow then why not be in worship on Sundays? You will be amazed at how your life will be changed as you begin to learn and experiment with your faith.

See you Sunday in church!

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