The Columns – November


I write this as I am leaving from my 6th trip to the United States. This trip with the Mongerard Family to Shreveport, Louisiana was the best one for me, as we visited our friends and family at FUMC. I was so blessed and happy to meet a lot of great, friendly people in this Church. The love they showed us and the hospitality they have given was exceptional. Thanks once again to all of you, my brothers and sisters, for taking good care of us and for the assistance you give to our Haitian people!!

Frantzou Avril


Greetings in the name of the risen Savior and Lord. I just wrote to thank you for your love for Agape Christian Academy in Uganda. Thank you for loving my family. Saints like you make serving the Lord so exciting! We are always happy to see you when you visit, and we are always sad to see you go. But we are mindful that God is moving you to serve Him elsewhere in His vineyard. I am praying for you. Rest assured I love and cherish you bunches!

In His Grace, William Nsubuga