The Columns – November


Each year, when we ask the children of FUMC what they are thankful for, we’re not sure exactly what answers we’ll get; but once again, I am impressed with them and the wonderful things that they say. You can see many of their thoughts on this page in pictures. We only ask them to do this once a year, but they live this out all year long! I see it each and every Sunday when they bound up and down the stairs in the Dawson building.
Their actions say that they are thankful to be here! Their words show that they are thankful! Christ creates those feelings and will sustain them throughout their lives. Our children are learning from their parents and this church family, that it’s the Holy One who provides everything they need, and these children reflect this with their thankful hearts.

I’ve heard testimony after testimony from adults who became Christians late in life. They feel like they’ve missed out on something in their childhood. They wish that they had known that Jesus was there for them as a child. They wish that they had been taught the stories of hope like when Jesus healed the paralyzed man, forgiveness like the prodigal son, responsibility like Jonah and the whale, and so much more. Christ’s teachings are a wonderful gift that not everyone gets as a child. We are thankful for these children of FUMC, and we are thankful for their parents for making the commitment it takes to raise Godly children. We will rejoice, be glad, and grateful in it!

Need ideas to encourage your children to show their thankfulness? How about these fun ideas?

1. Make a thankful jar. Each day place a slip of paper in the jar that says one thing for which you are thankful. On Thanksgiving Day, take turns pulling each note out of the jar and sharing each other’s joys.
2. Make cookies and take them to a friend or neighbor with a thank you note.
3. Do something nice for everyone else in the family secretly.
4. Give someone a hug and tell them thank you for something they’ve done for you.
5. Mail a thank you note to a friend or family member that lives far away.
6. Do someone an unexpected favor like a sibling’s chore or breakfast in bed for mom.
7. Smile at everyone you see today.
8. Do a service project like bagging lunches for the homeless or donating school supplies.
9. Pass out awards for people to show them you appreciate them like “World’s Best Cake Maker,” “Best Sister in Shreveport,” and “#1 Story Teller.”
10. Say a prayer thanking God for all of the blessing you have.