Something is Missing

– By Dr. Pat Day

In Luke 19:1-10 we meet Zaccheus, a man who had risen to the top of his profession as a tax collector while at the same time he had become the most hated man in Jericho. He was successful, well to do, and powerful but something was missing. When he heard that Jesus was coming to town he wanted to see Him badly. His liability was that he was short and a tax collector. To compensate for his lack of height he became a very powerful man. As a tax collector people had to respect him and look up to him and even listen to him. He certainly did not expect Jesus to notice him on that eventful day. Jesus saw him sitting in the sycamore tree, and told him to come down, for today He was going to visit his home. Zaccheus’ whole life changed that night when he met Jesus Christ face to face.

It happened because of his liability and not in spite of it. If he hadn’t been short, he wouldn’t have had to climb up that tree. Jesus took Zaccheus’ liability of being short and transformed it into a life-changing asset. He can do the same thing for you and me. What is your greatest liability? What is your greatest disadvantage? What are you trying to overcome today?

Begin to believe that whatever you have as a liability could turn out to be your greatest asset. The first time I heard this statement, I said to myself, “You’ve got to be kidding! There is no way that a liability could ever become an asset.” For most of us our initial response to this statement is to doubt, question, or even to laugh at it. You’re probably thinking; you don’t know my liability. You might say to me, “I’m not rich or powerful like Zaccheus; my finances are in a real mess. My life is going nowhere. I’m at a dead end with no hope of every turning my life around.” You might say to me my options have all dried up. I don’t see any way out of this mess that I’m in. I don’t see any possible breakthrough.

Your problem is the key to your promotion. Without Goliath we never would have heard of David; he just would have continued tending sheep for the remainder of his life. Goliath was the key to David’s promotion. What is your liability? What is your goliath? What is your biggest problem or obstacle that you are facing today? You have to face your problem or liability. Quit running from it. Believe that with God’s help you can transform your liability into an asset; it is more than half the battle. The stronger your belief the greater the power you will possess to transform the liability into an asset.

When you hear, “Just give up! What’s the use? Why keep trying?” Don’t believe a single word of it. Truett Cathey, the founder of Chick-fil-A, began with one small diner and it has now grown to over one thousand restaurants nationwide. Three weeks after he opened his first restaurant, it burned to the ground. When he finally got his second store running, his brothers, who were his business partners were all killed in an airplane crash. But he kept believing, kept trying and trusting God and today his business is one of the most successful restaurant chains in the country in spite of being closed on Sunday, which is for most restaurants the best day of the week. The very adversities and challenges that we face become our best motivator and friend.

Your liability will lift you to a new level by leading you to desperately seek God in a new way. You will seek God in a more intense, passionate way when you become desperate. Zaccheus became so desperate that he climbed up a tree in order to see Jesus. Desperation will cause you to dig deeper or climb higher by praying more, spending more time with God, seeking His face and His will more intensely than ever before. Desperate people are willing to take risks and try new things.

Let God turn your liabilities into assets. Continue to praise, trust and to depend upon Him to do the impossible in your life.

See you Sunday in church!