Pat’s Perspective – The American Dream

What has happened to the American dream? Throughout our history, God has blessed our nation in a marvelous way. He has allowed her to enjoy unprecedented wealth, fortune, power and influence. America has been the world leader in medical and technological advancement. Our nation has pioneered space exploration and scientific research. America has given its citizens, through the free enterprise system, the world’s highest standard of living. She has opened her arms to millions of immigrants and refugees from all around the world. While other nations build barbed wire fences to keep people from getting out, America has greeted long lines of people wanting to get into our country to become a part of the American dream.

The American dream, like any other worthwhile dream, has a high price. It must be carefully guarded and preserved, less the next generation lose sight of its real significance. From time to time a dream must be renewed, refocused and recaptured. Recapturing the American dream involves passionate involvement in fighting for a worthy cause.

Where is your holy discontent? Bill Hybels raises an important question: “What is it that motivates people to work where they work, volunteer their time to groups they serve and donate money to the causes they support?” I think a part of the answer is that people get motivated to get into the game; they devote their vocational lives, volunteer their energies, and donate their hard earned money to make sure the problem that God calls them to solve gets fixed.

The reason millions of people choose to do good in the world is because there is such wrong in the world. They experience a firestorm of frustration deep within their soul and spirit. We live in a broken world that badly needs restoration. God is in the restoration business. Attempting to do restoration work under your own strength results in frustration, anger and ultimately failure.

I believe enormous untapped energy and resource are lying dormant in the lives of many good people. When this energy and ministry potential is unleashed that which is enslaved can be set free, and that which has been broken can be mended, and that which is diseased can be healed, and what is hated can be loved, and what is dirty can be made clean, and what is wrong can be made right. God says to each of us, “Suit up, get in the game. I’ll partner with you and I’ll involve you in making some badly needed changes in my world.”