Pat’s Perspective: Choices

Life is a matter of choices. What will you do for your career? Whom will you marry? Where will you live? How much education will you get? What will you do today? But an even more important decision is who will you become?

Jim Stovall, in his excellent book Ultimate Productivity, writes, “A person who doesn’t make a choice is no better off than a person that doesn’t have a choice at all; but a person who accepts less than their true destiny is relegated to a life of mediocrity. When you’ve seen yourself in your mind’s eye on top of the world, anything less will leave you wanting. In many cases you are mired in mediocrity because you have made no choice at all. There are a few people who make good choices and they enjoy every reward they seek. There are few people who make bad choices and they end up in Angola. Then there are the vast majority of people who make neither good nor bad choices but, instead they make no choice at all. These are the people who neither make things happen or watch things happen. They simply don’t realize that anything happened!”

The only true freedom that you will have is the freedom to choose. Your happiness or unhappiness in life will ultimately be determined by the choices you make. Once you make a choice, you become a servant of your choices. Choices are the hinges of your destiny. Few people want to take the path that leads downward. Each of us aspires to something more, something bigger. We first make our choices and our choices make us. The decisions you make may seem small at the time. But when you add them together – they create the course of your life.

Choose character over convenience – live life from the inside out. Character is a choice. It’s what you are made of. Abraham Lincoln once said, “Character is like a tree and reputation is like its shade. The shade is what we think of it and the tree is the real thing.” Character is the sum total of all of our everyday choices. No person can climb beyond the limitations of his or her own character.

We have to build our character piece by piece, thought by thought, choice by choice. Character cannot be developed in ease or quiet. It is only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened.

Choose to live life from the inside out. The choice as to how you will be in the future is yours and yours alone. Living from the inside out starts with choosing your character. Your choices will determine the person that you were meant to be.

See you Sunday in church!