Dr. Day on Stewardship

PatDay-thumb “Embracing God’s Vision” is our 2016 stewardship theme. Vision is what we believe God has in store for our church. A vision is God’s way of communicating to us in a clear way what he desires for us. There has never been a greater need in the history of Shreveport for a strong, vibrant, dynamic downtown church in the heart of the city. We believe that God’s vision includes four aspects: 1) Connecting everyone in small groups; 2) Serving in mission outreach; 3) Growing in Christian discipleship, and 4) Growing servant leaders.

The vision will not become reality unless we embrace it, give to it, and act upon it. Our congregation’s generosity has enabled our church to grow stronger and make a worldwide impact. The concept of extravagant generosity describes the practice of sharing and giving that exceeds all expectations. It describes lavish sharing, sacrifice and giving in service to God and our neighbors. When you give, you are embracing the mission and vision God has for our church. Your giving makes a positive difference in the world through the ministry and mission of First Methodist.

God will allow circumstances to come into our lives that will cause us to examine who or what is my source. God is our source! We are simply his channels or conduits of his resources to those in need. No ministry established by God for God’s glory and carried out in God’s way will lack God’s support. I want to ask you to prayerfully consider your giving and service to God. Step out in faith and trust God to supply your need. Keep First Methodist strong and alive. Pray about your giving and serving. Then commit yourself to being obedient as God leads. This is one decision that you will never regret. The future of our church and community depend upon your decision. Thank you in advance for your faithfulness in these two important areas.

In His Service,

Dr. R. Pat Day