A Step of Trust

06 26 14 Pat's PerspectiveMany of us need to take a step of trust. Our worries and fears stem from our unwillingness to turn our lives over to the Lord and really trust him. We feel confident that we can control our world by our own power but we fail. We toss and turn at night and get ulcers. We worry about the future. We become fearful about what lies ahead.

Fear reflects a lack of trust in God. When we become anxious and begin to worry we are saying to God, “I do not really trust you with this area of my life.” The greatest need that people have is to learn to really trust in God. Many of us are unhappy and uptight because we have shut God out of our lives.

In New York City in the old RCA Building on 5th Street there was a powerful statue in the entrance way of Atlas holding the world upon his shoulders. The most powerfully built man in the entire world could barely stand up under his burden. Now that is one way to live. Across the street there is St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and there is a shrine of a little boy Jesus who was probably eight or nine years old and with no effort is holding the world in one hand. We have a choice. We can carry the world on our shoulders or we can say, “I give up Lord, here is my life, and I give you my world, the whole world.”

If you wonder where God is during your struggles remember the teacher is always quiet during the test. He’s got the whole world in His hands. Take a major step of trust. Decide today to learn what it means that underneath are the everlasting arms. Turn over to God the burdens that seem so overpowering. It was my privilege to work with the late Brother Andy Reavis in Marshall, Texas. He had a little card that he would give people and on it were these words, “Leave it all quietly to God…” (Psalm 62:1-2) If you take the first step and trust in the coming days ahead you will find it easier to take other steps. God says to each one of us, “Just trust me.” Will you entrust your life into his capable hands? As you take the leap of faith, reaching out to God, you will find someone waiting who will never leave you nor forsake you or let you down. What saves a person is to take a step, a step of trust and then another step.

See you Sunday in church!