I’ve always been inspired by people who do what they do with real passion. They give it everything they’ve got. It seems to me that it is not worth taking on a task unless you are going to do it with all your might and be totally committed to the task at hand. We often see how people like this really put their best into whatever they do. Passion is the energy of the soul!

Passion comes in many shapes and sizes. The sports world is filled with many great illustrations of people who live with a burning passion or desire to be their personal best and use every ounce of their ability. One such person is Bart Starr, the former Hall of Fame quarterback with the Green Bay Packers. Starr often said his coach, Vince Lombardi, changed his life. “I wasn’t mentally tough before I met Coach Lombardi. I hadn’t reached the point where I refused to accept second best. I was too nice at times… to win you have to have a certain amount of mental toughness. Coach Lombardi gave me that. He taught me that you must have a flaming desire to win. It has to dominate all your waking hours. It can never wane. It has to glow in you all the time.”

When I began my ministry over forty years ago I was very enthusiastic and passionate as a young pastor. Many of the older ministers in the conference began to take bets on how long I would last. It was their theory that my passion would soon run out. I’ve learned over my ministry that passion fuels your vision. When you get a burning desire to do something or to be something you begin to discover one of life’s greatest adventures. With a burning desire you will enjoy the journey as much as reaching the summit of your goals. The person with a burning desire will go the extra mile, put out the extra effort, the additional effort that is absolutely essential in success, and pay the price. He or she will not only do his or her fair share, but he or she will go way beyond the call of duty even the second mile.

Every person will be remembered for his or her passion or forgotten for his or her lack of it. A burning desire, a magnificent obsession, will enable you to persevere and not give up when you encounter obstacles, adversities, opposition, or trouble. When you burn your bridges behind you, you will have absolutely no way of retreat. God will go before you as he did the children of Israel to make a way when there seems to be no way. Develop a burning desire in order to reach the dream or goal that God has given you. Nothing is impossible if you find that desire, which will set you on fire. Throw yourself totally into whatever you do. And don’t let anyone or anything keep you from doing what God has called you to do or to become. A God-given passion or desire will get you where you want to go in life.

See you Sunday in church!