I’ve always been motivated by the phrase, “Winning starts with beginning!” Tragically many people have a dream, a goal, or something they want to accomplish but they never put their plans into action. The simple fact is that you will never see your dreams become a reality until you get up and do something about it. You may have the most fabulous, detailed, and well thought out plan for your life but nothing is going to happen until you choose to tap into the power of positive action. God does not bless good intentions. He blesses positive action. If you want to accomplish great things for God, you have to cultivate the action habit. Great plans without implementation mean nothing. A God-given dream has the power to propel you into action.

​I want to challenge you to “initiate action now.” Having a God-given dream is an inspiring thing. It fills you with hope and inspiration. It gives you a purpose and a direction for your life. It enables your faith to grow and helps you to persevere even over the rockiest roads. Yet, if you don’t put action behind your dream, it will amount to nothing.

​Once you have decided on an objective to strive for, you must take some form of action toward it each day no matter how small the steps may be. “The longest journey begins with a single step.” Make sure that each step that you take is leading you in the direction of achieving your goal or objective. Many people fail to take specific action toward the realization or dreams because they allow procrastination and excuses to keep them from beginning. Inertia is something that we all battle. It is hard to take action if you are busy watching television, wasting time or just goofing off.

​Realizing your dream is not quick and easy. It involves self-discipline, time management, and a detailed action plan. Those who exert little or no effort toward the realization of their dreams can’t hope to achieve anything of value. When you convert a great idea into action amazing things happen. Determine what you want out of life and then get into action! Remember the simple fact is that you will never see your dreams realized until you get up and do something about it.

​Winning really does start with beginning! Begin today to move forward in faith. Stop using excuses and procrastinating doing what you know you should do. Remember someone is waiting on the other side for you to get your act together. It may mean an eternity of difference in that person’s life.

​See you Sunday in church!