I’m Positive!


As Proverbs puts it, “As a man thinks in his heart, so he is.” (Proverbs 23:7) If we think with a positive attitude we can actually influence our health, our mental attitude, and the way we relate to others. One of the major growth areas for most of us is developing the right kind of thinking. God has given us the power to choose the way we think. If we allow ourselves to dwell on negatives, or hurts, or mistreatment we become a negative thinker. I challenge you to think big!

Dr. Ben Carson gives a great definition of thinking big: “Thinking big means opening our horizons, reaching for new possibilities in our lives, being open to whatever God has in store for us on the road ahead.” Thinking big is another way of restating one of my mother’s favorite sayings, “You can do anything that they can do – only you must try to do it better!” That’s thinking big!

Most of us sell ourselves short by thinking too small. Whether because of fear of failure or desire to appear humble we try to get by with a scaled down dream that appears easily achievable. Big thinking involves having a God-size dream for your life. Abraham is a great illustration of a man who had to trade his small dream for a big God-size dream. One night, God told Abraham to go outside and look up in the sky. Then he told him to count the stars. When Abraham looked up to the sky, it was filled with millions of stars. There were too many to count. As he looked up into the star-filled sky God said to him, “That is how many descendants you will have!” (Genesis 15:5) For a childless man who is approaching 100 years old that was a big dream!

Big thinkers stop focusing on the impossibilities and concentrate on the possibilities in every situation. Matthew 17:20 states, “Nothing will be impossible for you.” We waste enormous amounts of time, energy and resources focusing on all the impossibilities or problems of the situation. We worry and toss and turn at night thinking about all the reasons why it won’t work or all the obstacles that we are facing. We fill our minds with negative fear-filled thoughts. I’ve learned that impossibilities vanish when a man and his God confront a mountain. Nothing is impossible! Cut the word impossible out of your dictionary. Too often progress has been halted, obstructed, and delayed by persons who use the word impossible. When uttered out loud the word impossible is devastating in its effect on the subconscious – thinking stops, progress halts, doors slam shut, research and experimentation come to a screeching halt. Dreams are discarded – projects are abandoned. Give yourself permission to believe it is possible – no matter what the experts may say.