If you found an Aladdin’s lamp and its genie offered to make all your wishes come true, what would you wish for? Health? Happiness? A long healthy life? A more successful career? Greater achievement? These wishes, in reality, are your dream for the future. Your dreams do not have to remain in a fantasy world. Dreams do come true – but not by accident, nor luck, or simply wishing that they would come true. Dreams come true as we follow some steps in any endeavor. I believe that God is waiting to bless you, your business, your family, your church or organization in ways that you can’t begin to imagine.

I would suggest thinking positively about all things, including yourself. Your degree of success in 2014 will be in direct proportion to the strength of your positive thoughts. W. Clement Stone, famous insurance tycoon once wrote, “There is little difference in people … the little difference is attitude. The big difference is whether it is positive or negative.” A positive attitude is not something that you are born with. It is something that must be learned and developed. Attitudes are like the flu – they are contagious, is yours worth catching? Realize that your attitude not only affects the outcome, it can determine it.

A positive attitude will help you look at the bright side of everything. Your failure will come to be reframed as a mistake. Mistakes will be interpreted as learning experiences, and all learning experiences will be viewed as opportunities in disguise. A positive attitude will lead you to making something constructive out of whatever adversity you face. Make no mistake about it you will face difficulty, obstacles, and tough times in this new year. But with a positive attitude and a strong faith in Jesus Christ you will triumph.

With a positive attitude, obstacles are overcome by going over, around, or through instead of giving up or quitting. As a result something positively always happens eventually. You change your attitude by changing your actions and your thoughts.  There will be a constant struggle each day over which ultimately wins – fear or faith, doubt or belief, negative thinking or positive thinking? Begin today to make a commitment to build your faith and have a positive attitude.

The coming new year can be the most outstanding year of your life. There is much in the coming year that you cannot control therefore there is no need to worry about that. But there is a lot that you can control. Your attitude is one of them. It is my sincere desire and prayer for you that as this new year unfolds it will be the greatest year of your life. This time next year I hope you can look back on 2014 and say, “Lord, thank you for the best year ever!”

See you Sunday in church!