The Gift of Consolation.


The gift of consolation is one of the most precious gifts of our Lord’s coming at Christmas. God offers real comfort – not simply the type that weakens the human spirit. When we are suffering or going through a difficult painful trial – God moves in to bring consolation and comfort. He has promised, “Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.” There is a condition attached, “An if” commitment. You will be blessed, you will be cared for if God is your friend and Jesus Christ is your Savior. Accept this wonderful gift of consolation and comfort that God specifically offers to you.

God comforts. He doesn’t pity. He picks us up, soothes our fears, and lifts us over and through the hurt. He is the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all of our troubles. He does so so that we in turn can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort that we ourselves have received from God. He gives us the strength, the endurance to go through whatever comes our way. It describes a person who not only accepts suffering but also can triumph over it. Someone said to a person who had received the gift of consolation: “Suffering surely colors life, doesn’t it?” The sufferer replied, “Yes, but God has given me the power to choose the color.”

The gift of consolation brings courage, confidence, and the power to cope with all that life can do to him. We receive and experience the gift of consolation as we are given the power to comfort others who are going through similar trials and tribulations. Paul believed that the things which happened to him became the very avenues that God could use to comfort others through his issues. When we go through times of trouble, suffering, and sorrow that experience will enable us to help others who are struggling with challenges that we all face. It becomes your badge of authenticity and credibility.

God’s gift of consolation gives us a sense of calm. A sense of peace and calm comes to us when we open our hearts and lives to the Prince of Peace. Even in the most frightening storm – you have a sense of calmness and peace. He gives to us the peace that passes all understanding.

You must learn to live with the insecurities and ambiguities of life. God is your rock in the storms that cannot be moved. He is secure, certain, and constant. His nature never changes. When our mind is focused on God everything else is blocked out. Focus on the Lord and he will bring you calmness and peace. Experiencing calmness and peace requires putting our trust totally in God and not on anything or anyone else.