On worry.

When we worry we use our minds to imagine things we fear becoming a reality. If our worries dominate our minds long enough, they also may affect our actions. Just as positive thinking and living tend to bring about desirable events, sooner or later negative thinking and worrying tends to create a condition in which the unpleasant things that we’ve worried about have a better chance of coming to pass.

In the book of Job we read, “The thing which I greatly feared has come upon me.” (Job 3:25). In Job’s instance the thing that he feared and worried about finally came to pass because he feared it long enough until it finally happened.

Robert Frost once said, “The reason more people die from worry than from work is that more people worry than work.” Worry can literally make you sick. I have often heard someone say, “I’ve worried myself sick.” However, a little worry is good it can cause us to take prudent action. But chronic worrying or becoming a worrywart is a very dangerous habit to develop. Worry can become a deadly habit. Don’t ever believe that worry doesn’t change things; it does for the worst. It can paralyze the mind like a vice, and blot out all rightful thinking. The actual word for worry means “a divided mind.” Worry weakens our ability to act single mindedly. It diminishes our power to move forward in life. Worry sometimes leaves people unable even to make the smallest decisions.

We worry over things that we have no control over and can’t change. Worrying is a lot like sitting in a rocking chair – it will give you something to do, but it won’t get you anywhere! The three top worries that people have are: money, health, and jobs. Worry is the interest paid on trouble before it becomes due. Think for a moment about all the things that you worry about. Next, how many of the things that you worry about do you have any control over or any possibility of changing?

Most of us spend an enormous amount of time and energy worrying about things that we cannot take any positive action or do anything about. Therefore we are simply spinning our wheels because there is nothing we really can do to make a difference. Do whatever you can about the situation; that is take responsibility for your part of solving the problem. Leave the other to God. I repeat, why worry about the things that you can’t control?

Tired of being a worrier? Why not ask God to transform you from a worrier to a person who possesses his wonderful inward peace? Jesus Christ came into the world to be the Prince of Peace. Why not let him begin to reign and rule in your heart today?

See you Sunday in church!